As I was walking along the beach the other day, my attention was caught by a beautiful sight of the water going over the edge of rocks. I stood there mesmerized, watching the water easily flow over the edge, making a gorgeous mini waterfall. But as I waited for the next wave to reach the rocks and make the spectacle occur again, I noticed how many times the waves came close, but did not make it to the rocks edge. With each wave, the water would get closer until finally, it would spill over the edges of the rocks and flow through the crevices to reach the rocks and pools below.

I had an awakening as I looked at this show that Mother Nature was putting on. It’s not something new, as I’m sure it’s something that has been written about multiple times. But think about it, water is so powerful. It covers the majority of our planet. We cannot live without it. It can destroy homes and towns when in rage, and awaken new life when in calm.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth!

Looking at myself in the mirror when I returned home, I realized what my mind and heart were trying to help my eyes see. That I needed to be more like water.

Think about this – when presented with the changes and challenges of life – how do you cope? As with anything, it depends on what the change or challenge is, but then again, does it? What do we really need to rely on when a transition occurs in our lives?

We need to rely on our courage and our faith in ourselves and those around us.

So what does all of this mean as we look at the extraordinary power of Mother Nature and water and try to relate THAT to how we can be more courageous?

Just as the water did not give up on getting to it’s location, just as water pushes through all barriers no matter what to get to where is needs to go, just like water can make beauty, we need to find a determination in our soul to get to our goals and never give up, no matter what. It may not always be pretty. We may look like we’ve lost the battle as times. We may make mistakes. But the important thing, is to never give up.

So while I’m not saying to be like the massive flood that takes out an entire town, I am saying to look and find the beautiful strength, the Courage, you have inside your own heart, and to Curate it! Ask yourself why you might have lost your courage when it occurs and focus on who, and what you need to be more courageous.

At the end of the day, if you really want to achieve your goals and live your dreams, DO NOT GIVE UP! Be like water, because in the end, you will leave the most glorious and phenomenal outcome in your wake.

Go out and Curate Courage. It’s the first step on the path to Curate YOU!

Happy Connecting!