There are so many things that my Chief weeMcFee teaches me daily. How simple things can be funny, to stop and pet the puppies, and a cuddle really can fix anything.

But one thing recently got me thinking about myself and what I’m trying to accomplish in this new business of curating connections. My wee one is truly connected to herself!

Have you ever thought about that? Little ones are very simplistic, sometimes annoyingly so when it’s about the certain cup, shoes or dress that isn’t available right when they want it, but think about it. They know what they want, they are not afraid to go for it, and they embrace who they are and what they love.

My daughter and I were playing dress up in my closet, and I was amazed to watch her gaze at herself in the mirror. She smiled so proudly. She turned, laughed and told me how beautiful she looked. And she meant it! She truly believes she IS beautiful. Of course she is to me, but I got thinking about how I wanted to stop time right then. Not to stop her growing up, but to stop what society will certainly do to that belief. To ensure she never stops knowing she is beautiful and to love to look at herself in the mirror.

As I am out connecting and driving my new business, I am so often overtaken by that image question. How is my hair or my clothes? Does my tummy stick out and am I smiling too big? Something I know plagues everyone when we know we have to leave the safety of our homes. What will people think?

Of course the answer is so simple, and as people say, with age comes wisdom or at least an attitude of, “I don’t care! I am going to be who I am!” But here I am, at 43. Twenty pounds heavier than I was 2 years ago due to stress, early menopause and too much sitting. I look in the mirror and see everything I don’t like, that I want to change.

But then my daughter comes in, at her tender age of three, and points out all of our similarities. How we both have pretty blue eyes (her words), how she likes my long fingers, my hair because it’s straight like hers – she thinks she’s beautiful because she thinks I’m beautiful.

So what does all of this mean – it means we have to work on ourselves! But not in the way you so often hear. I challenge us all to curate the connection within ourselves. To dig deep inside to those days when we used to look in the mirror and KNOW (not just think) that we were beautiful. To see the beauty for ourselves and to love ourselves because of it.

For if you cannot see your own gifts, then how can you share those gifts with the world? And isn’t that what connecting is all about?

Get up, go look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Say “hi”! Look deep into your eyes. You know you are in there. Now put on those clothes and get out there so the world can benefit from all the beauty you bring!

Join me on this journey as we work together to Curate YOU!

Happy connecting!