I came to this earth on Good Friday in the year 1975. I was a miracle and blessing that so many had wished for. I was born four days after my grandmother’s birthday, tying me to her soul upon my first breathe. I came into love, as hopefully most children are born into. As Easter was and is a rebirth in the Christian faith, so I was to so many.

As the years have passed, Easter has been a celebration above and beyond what we were given by our faith for my family for the gift they feel they were given by my birth.

Now, here I am, forty-four years old, divorced, business owner, daughter, and most importantly a mother. Despite imperfections, I feel the years have been mostly kind. But none kinder than the last five years as a mama.

Just as my mother before me, I had given up almost all hope of ever having that word associated with my name. And with each passing year since my weeMcFee formed in my womb, I have become more grateful for this experience. Never perfect, always learning and always aiming to just be the best “mama” I can be.

As it was when I was a child, we celebrate Easter like a second birthday. But now, it is so much more. It is a time for me to pause and be thankful. I am thankful everyday for this life, despite its imperfection, as I look down upon the little human entrusted to my care.

I created Curate YOU! to help others that might face uncertainties in life. That might find themselves asking “what is next”. To help guide them on a path to knowing the masterpiece they truly are and rediscovering the beauty that is within.

And as I focus on helping to curate others, I find myself curated by a wee one with only four and a half years on this earth. I learn from her innocence, from her questioning, from her peace as she sleeps in my arms.

And as I celebrate my 44th Good Friday, I find myself feeling like a youthful child. I eagerly anticipate meeting the Easter bunny. I am giddy about dying eggs and hunting for them at multiple egg hunts. I await the arrival of sweets and goodies on Sunday morning and celebrating life reborn. And all because of the wee child that lies beside me.

I post all of this as a reminder for us all. Let go of your despair. Release yourself from your sadness. Allow yourself to feel happiness in simple pleasures. Buy yourself flowers or a balloon. Get the ice cream and dance to the music. Let your inner child come forward.

Curate YOU! no matter what! Do what you love, no matter what! You are worth it! The world deserves it!

The world is waiting for the YOU that is YOU! So this Good Friday, be happy and Curate YOU! In ways that makes you feel complete and happy. That is the truest form of the process.

Celebrate today and everyday that we GET to live this life for it is a gift and everything that comes with it, both good and bad, is part of our journey. I look forward to meeting the Curated YOU! soon!